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Enide Studio 2014.17 README

Enide Studio 2014.17 is eclipse-java-luna-SR1-win32-x86_64 plus Nodeclipse and Enide plugins of 0.17 release train.

The intention is to let you save some time.

Special about 2014.17


  1. If you don’t have, get latest Node.js http://www.nodejs.org/download/

  2. If you don’t have, download & install latest JDK 7/8

http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html For example “Java Platform (JDK) 7u40”

  1. Download Enide Studio 2014 for your operating system

  2. Extract Enide-*.zip into folder where you keep our tools, e.g. D:\Progs\ or /usr/local/bin

  3. Open eclipse.exe from eclipse folder, e.g. D:\Progs\Enide-Studio-2014.17-luna-SR1-win64\eclipse\eclipse.exe

5.1 If you have error messages like


That means you don't have JDK installed (JRE is not enough).

Reinstall JDK (see 1.) or use [hint how to configure Eclipse](https://github.com/Nodeclipse/eclipse-node-ide/blob/master/Hints.md#select-jvm-for-eclipse-instance)

You can configure eclipse.ini to exact JDK version you have using -vm option. It should go before -vmargs. Examples:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jdk1.7.0_40/jre/bin/client/jvm.dll

C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.7.0_11/jre/bin/javaw.exe

5.2 On Linux don’t forget to sudo chmod -R 7555 eclipse in folder with Enide Studio


  1. Archive included workspace ws with recommended configuration for example that you can open as ..\ws. But you should copy it or create new in folder where you have your workspaces, e.g.


  2. Add -showLocation to launch shortcut for Enide Studio eclipse.exe to display workspace path in window title.

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