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Is Node.JS Taking Over the Enterprise?

2014-12-08 00:00:00 +0000

by Paul Verest

Initially answering as comment to Is Node.JS Taking Over the Enterprise?” No, it’s Not. (Some holy war talks go around the world at 1 pro, 2, 3 pro, 4 pro )

Node.js is currently 0.10.x and not yet near its official 1.0

For example some features like support for Node running on several threads is currently experimental. (Debugging such environment is an issue in itself #180 )

So it is too early to tell Node.js is overtaking or is not.

The 5-10 future is not yet clear:

  • will JavaScript stay as the only major web development language?
  • will there be 100% Java web-browser?

Node.js has already influenced IT industry, just as you see talking about it. The simplification it came with now appears in other platforms.

I find it marvelous for multi-platform scripting, smaller project. Yet for bigger projects I would prefer and recommend Java.

There are those who push Node.js to its limits. Like Strong Loop company, but they should talk for themselves.

So the final answer is BOTH. Both Java and Node.js

As you see I am moderate about Node.js. We are not affiliated with any of companies. ( Joyent company would hardly embrace tool that is running on top of Java, the competitor. ) But I am looking carefully at Node.js, compare with others and continue learning and experimenting, that any developer is to do.

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