Enide Studio

Maven for Eclipse (by Nodeclipse/Enide)

GitHub: https://github.com/Nodeclipse/nodeclipse-1/blob/master/org.nodeclipse.enide.maven

Read description on
Marketplace: http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/maven

Support: https://github.com/Nodeclipse/nodeclipse-1/issues

Maven lives at http://maven.apache.org/

Tomcat, Jetty

TODO: Tomcat, Jetty configuration example, see GitHub README for links

Android with Maven build

  1. Make sure you have Maven 3.1.1+ mvn -v
  2. and Android SDK is installed. (android should launch SDK Manager.)
  3. add following pom.xml, change groupId, artifactId

    4.0.0 com.android.example greeting 1.0-SNAPSHOT apk android android 4.4.2_r3 provided ${project.artifactId} src com.jayway.maven.plugins.android.generation2 android-maven-plugin 3.8.2 true com.jayway.maven.plugins.android.generation2 android-maven-plugin 19
  4. Right-click pom.xml, select Run As -> mvn package
    or run mvn package from command line
  5. If build fails over missing android.jar
git clone https://github.com/mosabua/maven-android-sdk-deployer.git
mvn install -P 4.4

Need to change <groupId>com.google.android</groupId> into <groupId>android</groupId>
read more at https://github.com/mosabua/maven-android-sdk-deployer

  1. https://code.google.com/p/maven-android-plugin/wiki/GettingStarted
  2. http://www.vogella.com/tutorials/AndroidBuildMaven/article.html
  3. http://books.sonatype.com/mvnref-book/reference/android-dev.html

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