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Since 2013 our motto has been "One-stop [work]shop for Node.JS tools". We can't develop everything at once, but we let you know what are the best things around for Node.js development with Eclipse."

Year 2014 with Maven & Gradle plugins (and contribution to Markdown and other plugins on GitHub) shows that we should somehow to review our scope. We are surprised at what was achieved with all small steps we did put together. And much more is on the road. We just can't go alone. Nodeclipse is looking for supporters to share knowledge, and sponsors. Yes, with so many ideas we need to be able to spend more time for the project.

Nodeclipse effort is driven by developers like you, who devoted some time to make and improve Node.js tooling, learn better Node.js, JavaScript and Eclipse. Often by chance we discovered useful plugin and practices. Now imagine if only we all shared our tricks to get more of our tools. Check community page for links we collected, add links to tutorials, article and useful stuff via comments or add an issue.

Nodeclipse is free open-source software released every month. Nodeclipse became #1 in Eclipse Top 10 NEW Plugins for 2013.

Nodeclipse holds not only Node.js (with debugger, code completion, see features), but also simple tools for PhantomJS, Nashorn, Vert.x for JavaScript,
Maven, Gradle (including Android) for Java,
and some general tools like REST-Client, EditBox background color themes and others.

Nodeclipse is über Open Source Software ÜBOSS.
While somewhere else you need a hour to figure out how things work and make a change, it will take less than 10 minutes to get sources in Enide Studio, change and see your changes. Raise an issue if you need to ask something about your enhancement or how to implement an idea.
Examples: 1) Add EditBox Blue Light Theme, 2) Gradle - specify what JAVA_HOME to use
See more below.

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