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Enide 2015

Recommended install via downloading package for your OS.

see also Enide 2015-7
for Enide 2015 for Windows x32win32 Enide 2015 for Windows x64win64 Enide 2015 for MacOS x64MacOS X Enide 2015 for Linux x64Linux

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Java and JavaScript tools

  • Java
    • Maven (m2e) Hint: For multi-module projects try in Project Explorer menu Project Presentation -> Hierarchical
    • Gradle (Gradle IDE Pack)
    • Java names spelling check
    • Tomcat Server feature
  • JavaScript
    • AngularJS
    • Node.js with debugging
    • PhantomJS
    • JSHint
    • JSON Editor (with nice Outline)
  • Web
    • HTML Editor with hover and click-through for CSS, .js and images
    • Icon/images Editor Warning: not for big images
    • REST client
  • General
    • Eclipse Color Theme. Hint: Preference -> General -> Appearance -> Color Theme
    • EditBox code clock highlight
    • Git (EGit or git). Hint: from Project Explorer Show in -> Git Bash
    • Github Flavored Markdown (GFM) support
    • Hudson/Jenkins Mylyn Builds Connector Hint: Open Builds view. 1
    • Start shell, command line or default app Ctrl+Alt+E, Ctrl+Alt+D, Ctrl+Alt+A
    • Shell Editor
    • Terminal Ctrl+Alt+T
    • YAML Editor
    • Zip Editor

If you want an existing plugin to be added to the next version, raise issue at https://github.com/Nodeclipse/packages/issues

I believe with Java and JavaScript one can do everything: server from simple to complex, web and mobile. You can even develop Eclipse plugins with this package, so welcome to check sources

read README_2015-7


  • Node.js



Nodeclipse Hello World

Nodeclipse overview

Nodeclipse debugging

  • Gradle & Android

Minimalist Gradle Editor with Nodeclipse EditBx

This is the most feature-rich distribution of Nodeclipse for Java and JavaScript.

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