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Nodeclipse News Archive

Enide & Nodeclipse version 0.9.0 are released. New update site is

</br> There is also update site archive on SourceForge.
Check What's new. Markdown Editor can be installed from


Don’t miss posts on Node.js blog:

Node package server as proxy or cache. https://github.com/Nodeclipse/npm-proxy/blob/master/README.md

<h4>Happy New Year!</h4>
	<li>С новым годом!</li>
	<li>Frohes Neues Jahr!</li>
	<li>¡Feliz Año Nuevo!</li>
<p>More successful & interesting projects in the new year! Have fun!        		


Finally GFMV#47 with GitHub Flavored Markdown Viewer plugin 1.8 ( Update p2 repository: http://dl.bintray.com/satyagraha/generic/1.8.0 ) you are able to right-click node_modules folder Generate Markdown Preview and after that open any .md file with Show in GFM View instantly, any time, even when offline, and it will look exactly like on GitHub. ( HTMLs are saved into .*.md.html filenames. They will not be committed when project .gitignore file has .*.md.html. .* files are hidden in Eclipse by default, but see "No miracles, just files" below. )

Navigation Demo.

Nodeclipse is #1 in Eclipse Top 10 NEW Plugins for 2013, together with StartExplorer, GitHub Flavored Markdown viewer plugin. Enide - Eclipse Node.JS IDE also made into Top 10 NEW. There may be general confusion as Enide is set/collection of plugins including Nodeclipse available in the same update site or via .p2f file.

Nodeclipse CLI is published with npm registry. Install it with

$ npm install -g nodeclipse
Now create new project in any way, then
$ nodeclipse -p
to make it Eclipse project ready for import via File -> Import -> General / Existing Projects into Workspace.</br> CLI util also allows to create new Node.js projects like
$ nodeclipse -c project1 -u hellow-world
. And that is great because it uses the same templates as Nodeclipse plugin. So if you have an idea for new wizard, propose your additions with pull request as new_folder, then it will be immediately available as
$ nodeclipse -c new_project1 -u new_folder
, and after a while as Wizard option in Eclipse/Enide.

Enide Monstr 0.8.1 for Windows x32 is published on SourceForge. It is based on Enide Studio (Java/DSL) and includes Nodeclipse 0.8.1, CoffeeScript 0.3, TypeScript and other plugins for Node.js, JavaScript, Java and Eclipse development with git and GitHub.

32bit stack (JDK+Eclipse) is recommended now as issue #71 seems to appear on 64bit stack only. Contribute for other OSes by creating new issue. A community feedback is needed to analyze why some known (and unknown) bugs appear in different environments, so be talky, when you notice bad things. For me Windows 7 with JDK7_40 32bit seems to be the best combination for now. Stay tuned and updated.

Welcome to DemoDays Beijing on December 14th 2pm</br> Free event in English/Chinese on Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, Eclipse topics. Welcome to share and present, just contact via Skype or QQ 908781544. Guests are to register and check updates. Let your friends know.

Enide & Nodeclipse version 0.8 are released. New update site is

</br> There is also update site archive on SourceForge.
Check What's new.

Nodeclipse & Enide version 0.7 are released. New update site is


Check What's new.

Welcome to organize and give a talk on Software DevelopmentDemoDays and Eclipse DemoCamps Eclipse DemoCamps around the world in November.

Nodeclipse & Enide version 0.6 released. New update site is


Check What's new.

Enide Studio 0.5 for Windows x64 and x32 is published on SourceForge. It is based on Eclipse Kepler Java/DSL and includes Nodeclipse 0.5 and other plugins for Node.js, JavaScript, Java and Eclipse development with git and GitHub.

ATTENTION: There was reported issue of "#72 All nodejs apps fail to run after upgrade to 0.5".
If you have already run into the problem. 1) let us know by confirming or raising new issue (we need to know exactly what OS, Java version, Eclipse version is affected. Currently only x32 Windows on Java 6 is confirmed.) 2) Uninstall Nodeclipse 0.5 (only 1 feature entry) via Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation details, select Nodeclipse, then Uninstall.. button 3) install 0.4 from update site http://nodeclipse-1.github.io/updates


Nodeclipse-1 version 0.5.0 released.
Check What's new.

Nodeclipse-1 version 0.5.0 goes into staging repository for testing. Update site is

If you notice any bug, please report as issue against 0.5 milestone. The list of new features is still as opened and closed issues in 0.5 milestone.

Nodeclipse CoffeeScript Editor 0.3.0 , Nodeclipse Git Addon 0.1.0 are released. All of them can be quickly accessed via Nodeclipse Plugins List plugin , that now has almost 20 plugins, including TypeScript, jQuery Integration, Start Explorer or shell.

Be first to suggest new ideas for Nodeclipse.

Nodeclipse SDK (Standard Development Toolkit) 0.4.14 for Windows x64 is released on SourceForge. It is based on Eclipse Kepler Standard and includes Nodeclipse 0.4 and other plugins for Node.js & Eclipse development. Read more..

Nodeclipse NTS 0.4.10 for Windows x64 and x32 is released on SourceForge. It is based on Eclipse Kepler and includes Nodeclipse 0.4 and other plugins. Read more..

Welcome to share your Eclipse, Node.js or GitHub experience with SHARE, discuss and comment.

There was slow Internet connection, and deny of service ("No repository found" message in Eclipse) around period from 2012-05-22 21:00 UTC to 2012-05-23 9:30 UTC. Reported as #47 This should be related to cloud provider hosting GitHub pages. Please report if you are unable to install. We look carefully.</br> Take a look at GitHub System Status before reporting issue.

We have released version 0.4 . Now, you can try it. And enjoy!

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